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Heal Your Qi (‘Qi’ pronounced as ‘CHI’; meaning Praan) has been created to treat you with Luxurious, Organic & Responsible products. We aim to incorporate ancient Aromatherapy and traditional Ayurveda with modern – contemporary needs to offer you the perfect magic potion in a bottle for the most fulfilling healing experience.

“We believe in Holistic wellness for Mind, Body & Soul.”

Shambhavi Tiwari, CEO


Aroma and Health

Aromas in Ayurveda have a subtle yet powerful influence on our Doshas (Vatta, Pitta & Kapha) and chakras which helps balance our senses and overall wellbeing. Keeping in mind these practices, we have put together the therapeutic properties of different plants & flowers into our products, making them your consistent companion in your healthful journey. Our Ingredients are sourced in their purest forms so that you can access the most potent, effective aromatic products. We pride ourselves on using only ethically sourced ingredients which are SLS, paraben & chemical free and not tested on animals.

Our Mission

To create products that are not only feel good, but also
that heal good.

Our Products

Our Products

Heal Your QI uses ethically sourced, fair trade, natural materials that are expertly crafted to match users' needs.


How it started?

For our founder, Shambhavi Tiwari (Healer/ Psychologist/ Counselor), this resulted from the pandemic. During those stressful times, often her clients would come to her asking for Aromatherapy/Ayurveda products that could further their healing journey. After doing market research, she found that although many brands claimed that they use organic and pure products with pure essential oils and extracts, the majority couldn’t substantiate their claim.

So she asked herself, ‘why not I deliver something to the public which is in its purest form and charged with prosperity and growth?’ This brand is an answer to her Question. She focused on directing nature’s power to change people’s moods and encouraging them in their healing journey of mind, body & soul. She has poured her passion, practice and experience into curating every single product to create time-honored treatments for our contemporary lifestyle.

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