Californian Sage

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California Sage Bundle: Smudge Away Negativity and Embrace Fresh Energy

Invite positivity and purification into your life with our premium California Sage Bundle. Grown and hand-tied in California, these sage leaves offer a rich heritage and a powerful cleansing experience.

Embrace the Power of California Sage:

  • Authentic Smudging: Used for centuries by Native American cultures, California Sage is renowned for its cleansing properties. Smudging with sage smoke is believed to remove stagnant energy, negativity, and unwanted spirits, creating a clear and harmonious space.

  • Invigorating Aroma: The earthy, herbaceous scent of California Sage is both refreshing and grounding. It promotes relaxation, enhances focus, and creates a sacred atmosphere ideal for meditation, yoga, or simply unwinding.

  • Natural Air Freshener: Beyond its spiritual significance, California Sage offers a natural alternative to harsh chemical air fresheners. The smoke gently cleanses the air, leaving behind a pleasant, earthy fragrance.

  • High-Quality and Sustainable: Our California Sage Bundles are ethically sourced and hand-tied with 100% cotton twine. We take pride in providing high-quality sage that burns evenly and releases a potent cleansing smoke.

More Than Just Cleansing:

  • Improved Sleep: Create a calming and restorative environment before bed by smudging your bedroom with California Sage.

  • Stress Relief: The calming properties of sage may help alleviate stress and anxieties, promoting a sense of peace and well-being.

  • Crystal Clearing: Sage smoke is believed to cleanse and recharge crystals, restoring their energetic properties.

Order your California Sage Bundle today and experience the transformative power of this sacred herb.

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Californian Sage - 1

Rs. 899.00

How to use?

Step 1: Light the Sage
Hold the stick in a flame. Allow it to burn for approximately one minute or till it catches fire.

Step 2: Let the Sage extinguish itself
Just watch as the bundle naturally extinguishes itself.

Step 3: Ready for cleansing
Hold the stick in your hands, visualize your intentions and fill your space with sacred smoke. The short burn will smoke for quite a while, delivering an incredible scent and cleansing the energy around you, restoring peace and calm.


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Dried Sage Leaves

Pure Sage Leaves Imported from California


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