Citrine Bracelet

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Citrine is a popular variety of quartz known for its vibrant yellow to golden-brown color, which is often associated with warmth and positivity.
Bead Size : 8mm
Quality: AAA Quality

Key Properties:

1.Energy and Vitality: Citrine is often associated with vitality, energy, and warmth. It is believed to encourage positivity, joy, and enthusiasm in the wearer or bearer.

2. Abundance and Prosperity: Known as the "Merchant's Stone" or "Success Stone," Citrine is said to attract wealth, success, and prosperity. It is believed to enhance one's ability to acquire and maintain wealth.

3. Creativity and Imagination: Citrine is thought to stimulate creativity and imagination, making it a favorable stone for artists, writers, and anyone involved in creative pursuits.

4. Manifestation and Willpower: It is believed that Citrine can assist in manifesting one's goals and desires by boosting one's willpower and confidence. It helps to clarify intentions and activate one's personal power.

5. Emotional Balance: Citrine is said to balance emotions, reduce anxiety, and promote emotional clarity. It is believed to help dissipate negative energies and enhance one's mood.

6. Chakra Cleansing: Citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which governs personal power, self-confidence, and self-worth. It is believed to cleanse and balance this chakra, promoting a sense of inner strength and courage.

7. Spiritual Growth: Citrine is considered a stone of light and happiness, promoting spiritual growth and optimism. It is believed to encourage generosity, share one's abundance with others, and manifest good fortune.

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Citrine Bracelet

Rs. 1,120.00

How to use?

Step 1: Cleanse the Bracelet either by burning Sage or Palo Santo stick and passing the bracelet through the smoke OR leave the bracelet under the light of the full moon overnight to recharge.
Step 2: With the bracelet in your hands, set a clear intention, seeking inner peace to promoting spiritual growth or enhancing intuition.
Step 3: Once you've set your intention, put on the Citrine bracelet. Feel the energy of the stone enveloping your wrist and radiating throughout your body.


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Citrine Bracelet

Citrine is a vibrant yellow to golden-brown variety of quartz, celebrated for its warm and sunny hue. Known as the "stone of success," citrine is believed to attract wealth and promote emotional well-being, making it a popular choice for both its beauty and positive symbolism.


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Neha Sinha
Highly Recommend

I highly recommend this bracelet. The quality is superb.

Suresh Gupta
Great Quality

Great quality bracelet. The stones are stunning.