Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

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Lapis Lazuli is considered a powerful crystal for enhancing intellectual ability, stimulating the desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding, and bringing deep inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. It is a versatile stone that has been used for centuries for its healing and metaphysical properties.
Bead Size: 8mm
Quality: AAA Quality

Key Properties:

  • Emotional Healing: Lapis Lazuli is believed to have a calming effect on the emotional body. It is said to be a stone of communication that can bring truthfulness, openness, and mental clarity. It is believed to help overcome depression, release stress, and bring deep inner peace.

  • Psychological Healing: Lapis Lazuli is thought to enhance intellectual ability and stimulate the desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding. It is considered a powerful thought amplifier and a stone of wisdom and awareness.

  • Chakra Healing: Lapis Lazuli is primarily associated with the throat chakra (5th chakra) and the third eye chakra (6th chakra). It is believed to stimulate the throat chakra, enhancing communication and promoting self-expression. It is also said to activate the third eye, stimulating psychic abilities and enhancing inner vision.

  • Spiritual Healing: Lapis Lazuli is considered a stone of spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment. It is believed to help expand awareness and intellectual capacity, and it is often used during meditation to connect with the higher self.

  • Balance and Harmony: Lapis Lazuli is thought to harmonize the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It is believed to bring deep inner self-knowledge and encourages self-awareness.

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Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Rs. 999.00

How to use?

Step 1: Cleanse the Bracelet either by burning Sage or Palo Santo stick and passing the bracelet through the smoke OR leave the bracelet under the light of the full moon overnight to recharge.
Step 2: With the bracelet in your hands, set a clear intention, seeking inner peace to promoting spiritual growth or enhancing intuition.
Step 3: Once you've set your intention, put on the Lapis Lazuli bracelet. Feel the energy of the stone enveloping your wrist and radiating throughout your body.


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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone with powerful healing properties. It is believed to promote inner peace and clarity, enhancing intellectual abilities and stimulating the desire for knowledge and truth. Lapis Lazuli is also associated with communication, emotional healing, and spiritual enlightenment. It is used to balance the throat and third eye chakras, aiding in self-expression and enhancing intuition. This gemstone is valued for its ability to alleviate stress, enhance concentration, and promote feelings of harmony and self-awareness.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Beautifully Made

This bracelet is beautifully made and very comfortable to wear.

Sunita Menon
Stunning Piece

The color of this bracelet is stunning. I get compliments all the time.

Devika Singh
Excellent Quality

The quality of this bracelet is excellent. I wear it every day.

Rina Bhattacharya
Lovely Bracelet

Lovely bracelet with a rich color. Very pleased with this purchase.

Pooja Mishra
Great Buy

A great buy! The quality is excellent and it looks fantastic.