Pink Rhodonite Bracelet

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Pink Rhodonite is a nurturing stone that brings about a sense of emotional well-being and stability. It is often used by healers and therapists for its gentle yet powerful healing properties, making it a cherished gemstone for personal growth and healing journeys.

Bead Size: 8mm
Quality: AAA Quality

Key Properties:

  • Emotional Healing: Pink Rhodonite is renowned for its ability to soothe emotional wounds and promote self-love and forgiveness. It helps in releasing past traumas and emotional scars, allowing one to heal and move forward with a renewed sense of purpose.

  • Heart Chakra: As a stone that resonates strongly with the heart chakra, Pink Rhodonite helps in opening up the heart to love, compassion, and empathy. It encourages positive relationships and enhances forgiveness and understanding.

  • Stress Relief: Pink Rhodonite is a calming stone that eases anxiety and stress. It promotes a sense of inner peace and self-confidence, helping one to remain grounded and centered in challenging situations.

  • Self-Expression: This gemstone encourages clear communication, especially in situations where conflicts need to be resolved peacefully. It helps in expressing emotions constructively and with compassion.

  • Balance and Harmony: By balancing the emotions, Pink Rhodonite helps in achieving a sense of harmony and balance in life. It encourages optimism and a positive outlook on life's challenges.
  • Spiritual Growth: Pink Rhodonite facilitates spiritual growth and development by opening one's heart to spiritual insights and unconditional love. It supports meditation and mindfulness practices.

  • Creativity: It is said that Pink Rhodonite stimulates creativity and enhances one's artistic abilities. It inspires a sense of wonder and curiosity, encouraging exploration of new ideas and projects.

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Pink Rhodonite Bracelet

Rs. 860.00

How to use?

Step 1: Cleanse the Bracelet either by burning Sage or Palo Santo stick and passing the bracelet through the smoke OR leave the bracelet under the light of the full moon overnight to recharge.
Step 2: With the bracelet in your hands, set a clear intention, seeking inner peace to promoting spiritual growth or enhancing intuition.
Step 3: Once you've set your intention, put on the Pink Rhodonite bracelet. Feel the energy of the stone enveloping your wrist and radiating throughout your body.


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Pink Rhodonite Bracelet

Pink Rhodonite is a soothing gemstone known for its healing properties. It helps in emotional healing, promoting self-love, forgiveness, and compassion. Pink Rhodonite opens the heart chakra, easing anxiety and stress, while fostering inner peace and confidence. It supports clear communication and balances emotions, encouraging harmony and positive relationships. This gemstone also aids in physical healing and spiritual growth, making it ideal for those seeking emotional stability and personal growth.


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